About Stuff I Want To Make

I really fancy building or making or fixing stuff.  This is the stuff I want to make.  Such as a hovercraft for my son, radio controlled lawn mower, wooden go kart, squirrel scaring robot and a load of other bits and bobs.

I thought I would create a blog explaining how I got on with each project.  This is a series of how-to guide with pictures, videos and with the beginner in mind.

My first project was the restoration / refinish of an oak kitchen table I bought off eBay for £51.  The first post in the series of five describes the project and links to part 2.

Sanded Table Legs

In the food and drink category I have already made sloe gin and a genius device for pricking small holes in the sloes before laying down.

Ready for the gin to be added

I hope by following these how-to guides you will find inspiration and learn from my mistakes.
Please feel free to comment and share your hints and tips.

Lets see how it goes …..

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