Lego Storage Drawers

Okay – I was a Lego geek as a child.  I now have a little 3 year old Lego geek in the making and so I got all my old Lego out of my parents loft and brought it to our house.

Red Lego Bricks

After spending an evening sorting the Lego into piles by colour, I realised that I needed some useful Lego storage drawers to organise and keep all the pieces separate.

In order to easily find pieces I thought that large and flat containers would be better than smaller, taller containers.  The more spread out the Lego pieces are, the easier to find.

Ikea has a range of storage drawers called Trofast which looked like they would be perfect:

Trofast Storage Combination

They do various sizes of shelving and storage trays.  All interchangeable so work out how much you need and then select what you need.  Here is my shopping list:

Finally, I printed coloured labels to stick on the front of each drawer so my 2 year old girls knows which colour is in which drawer (she can’t read yet).  You can download the Lego Labels (Zip file containing Word documents).

And below is the finished product.  Obviously the sprogs mixed up the colours after about 10 minutes but it is actually working pretty well.

Lego Storage Drawers

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