Table Restore 1: The project

So my first project ….. 12 people coming for Christmas lunch and our kitchen table is not big enough so I bought a used and slightly knackered oak extendable kitchen table from eBay for £51 and I plan to refinish/restore it.

Table as I bought it for £51 from eBay

I don’t want the finish to be too shiny or glossy but as it will be the family table and we have two children under 3 it needs to be a pretty robust finish.

The process as far as I can work out will be as follows:

  • Sanding to remove the old varnish, marks & dents
  • Staining (I though I need to figure out if this is really needed)
  • Treat with penetrating resin (not quite as hard wearing as varnish but easier and more natural looking)

Here is a video of the table as it currently stands in my garage:

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll start the sanding soon …….

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