Table Restore 3: Sanding the table top

Before sanding the table top I researched electric sanders and found the Black & Decker Mouse Sander on offer for £20 at Homebase.  I also bought some extra sand paper for it. 

Black & Decker Mouse SanderBlack & Decker Mouse Sander

On a cold December day I put a trestle table in my drive and started sanding the main part of the table.  You need to sand with the grain as if you go across the grain then it leaves scratches which you then need to sand out:

YouTube Preview Image

Video of sanding the table top

The Mouse Sander worked really well.  I went through about 8 papers so one definitely needs to buy some extra paper.  Within a day I managed to sand it all with the table with firstly a course grain, then a medium and finally a fine grade of sandpaper.  No big problems really.  This is how it ended up: 

Table top after sanding

Table top after sanding

The next step is to treat the table with Danish furniture oil.  16 days to finish before 12 people arrive to eat off it on Christmas Day!


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