Table Restore 4: Oiling

I spent ages trying to work out the best thing to treat the table with so that it is waterproof etc.  I wanted a natural looking finish and so although varnish is hard-wearing even a clear varnish would be just too shiny. In the end I decided to go for Danish furniture oil.

Danish Oil

Danish furniture oil is a penetrating and durable synthetic oil.  It provides a water and alcohol resistant finish and although makes the wood a little darker and brings out the grain, it provides a natural finish.  It is really easy to apply and dries fairly quickly too.  It stinks though so if you can apply outside that would be better.  I went for a small can of Ruskins Danish Oil which was enough for 3 coats.

The other things you will need are:

  • A hoover (to hoover the dust)
  • Tack cloths (to remove the fine dust)
  • A brush or soft cloth (to apply the oil)
  • Wire wool (to apply the last coat of oil)

The video below shows oiling the table:

YouTube Preview Image
Video of oiling the table

I need to do 3 coats and need to leave 6-8 hours between coats.  It’s going to be tight but should just about make it in time for Christmas. The final step is to put it all together.

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